April 18, 2024

Episode 11: BTS Content for Social Media

episode 11 - bts of social media
Welcome to Season 2 Episode 11 of Get Real About Marketing.
Welcome to Season 2 Episode 11 of Get Real About Marketing.

Dive into the latest episode of our podcast with Laura and Em, where we uncover the power and potential of behind-the-scenes (BTS) content for social media. This episode focuses on our work with a national property client, guiding you through the delicate legalities of featuring residents and customers in content, ensuring privacy and consent every step of the way.

Hear about how we train client site teams to create compelling BTS content that adheres to legal standards and captures the authentic essence of their brand. We’ll share valuable tips on the types of content that drive engagement on social media stories and the strategic use of highlights to maintain interest and visibility.

Whether you’re looking to boost your own content strategy or curious about the behind-the-scenes magic in the property industry, this episode offers practical insights and expert advice.

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