February 14, 2024

Episode 6: The Power of Property Branding

episode 6 the power of property branding
Welcome to Season 2 Episode 6 of Get Real About Marketing.
Welcome to Season 2 Episode 6 of Get Real About Marketing.

Dive into the dynamic realm of property branding with Em and Laura, uncovering the transformative power of property branding.

Unpack the necessity of strong brands for new build developments, estate agents, large-scale communities such as BTR, PBSA and Co-Living, and explore how group and regional development brands influence market presence.

Delve into case studies including Skaus HausBentier and The Paddock showcasing how they weave local heritage and sustainability into their identities.

Hear about the broader scope of branding beyond logos, encompassing the emotional connections and experiences that truly define a brand. From the strategic use of social media by giants like Story Homes and Taylor Wimpey to the impactful engagement with micro-influencers, this episode is a treasure trove of insights on building and sustaining a compelling real estate brand.

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