March 13, 2024

Episode 9: Text to Video AI

text to video AI
Welcome to Season 2 Episode 9 of Get Real About Marketing.
Welcome to Season 2 Episode 9 of Get Real About Marketing.

Dive into the future of storytelling with us as we explore the revolutionary world of text-to-video AI technology. 

In this episode, we’re unravelling how this cutting-edge tool is transforming digital content creation, turning simple text into vivid video narratives with platforms like Synthesia, DeepBrain AI, and Runway ML leading the charge. 

Discover how this innovation is not only revolutionising video content production by making it faster and more accessible but also posing new challenges and ethical considerations. 

From enhancing marketing strategies with unparalleled personalisation to navigating the complexities of authenticity and job displacement, join us as we dissect the impact of text-to-video AI on the digital marketing landscape.

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