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May 19, 2022

Immersive Marketing

immersive marketing
Every detail is captured with precision and edited with expertise meaning tours are professionally crafted and exactly as our clients need it.
Every detail is captured with precision and edited with expertise meaning tours are professionally crafted and exactly as our clients need it.

Immersive marketing is how we refer to marketing efforts that take the user beyond what they are used to, to create a campaign based on something truly immersive! One of the ways marketers are doing this right now is to create a ‘digital twin’ – a digital representation of the real world. Of course, digital twins can be viewed traditionally using 2D screens, but they really come into their own when viewed in an XR format!

A digital twin is an exact digital copy of a real-world place or space created with the help of AI and machine learning. These copies are dimensionally accurate making it easy to view an outdoor or indoor space without actually visiting it! Imagine the possibilities for your business!

This type of software has been instrumental in the digital transformation of property marketing and at REAL we’ve been putting it to work for clients since 2017, but it isn’t only the property sector who are benefitting. Industries including architecture, hospitality, leisure, aviation, insurance, facilities management (FM), and retail all use this process to create the experience of being where the user is, without actually being there! Capturing virtual tours using digital mapping software has become immensely popular not only because of the realistic nature of the tour but because of the ability to capture the most minuscule details perfectly (want to see for yourself… ask us about a demo).

With a specialism in property marketing, the team at REAL has found that creating digital twins of the built world has never been easier and with the global birth of the metaverse (Web 3.0 etc), there’s never been a better time to explore the digital potential in your physical spaces. (Read our earlier article about Marketing in the Metaverse here) before you find that by delaying immersive options, your marketing efforts start to look dated! Let’s avoid that.

So, what can creating a digital twin actually do for you?

Once created, the digital twin is enhanced by incorporating personalisation which adds depth and context to the space. Though there are a variety of options, our experience demonstrates that users find value in personalisation such as labels, measurements, and customised VR experiences.

For us, a collaborative approach works best and so we often invite clients to view and edit their spaces before showcasing them to the world – as every detail is captured with precision and edited with expertise, each capture is professionally crafted and exactly as the client wants and needs it.

The next and most exciting step involves exploring spaces in their final format through preferred platforms such as VR (if you have a compatible device such as an Oculus for example). Millions of VR and AR equipment sales are made each year in the UK, and this is exactly the reason why digital recreations will likely play an important and reachable role in the Metaverse, as it builds the bridge between the real world and the virtual world. Think of the possibilities! If you can recreate the physical world and then overlay it with digital assets – the only boundaries will be creativity!

If you thought virtual tours or immersive 3D experiences of your spaces were out of reach – talk to us about how we can create your space’s digital twin and take your physical space digital.

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