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August 16, 2023

From concept to community: Marketing’s role in placemaking success

Placemaking marketing
Explore the impactful realm of placemaking, where forgotten spaces evolve into vibrant community hubs.
Explore the impactful realm of placemaking, where forgotten spaces evolve into vibrant community hubs.

In the bustling world of marketing, we’re often preoccupied with the digital landscape—social media campaigns, SEO strategies, and content creation. But there’s another facet of marketing that’s equally impactful, albeit less discussed: real-world results. As an agency that specialises in placemaking and property, it’s the art of promoting the spaces being transformed into vibrant community hubs, whether that’s on a university campus, in a town centre or as part of a new development – and as people crave real-world experiences and interactions, it’s making waves across the country!

Everywhere you look, from small towns to big cities, placemaking projects are breathing life into previously overlooked spaces. There may be a long way yet to go but think of that once-empty unit now bursting with local art, or the repurposed car park now home to static makers’ market. These aren’t just beautification projects; they’re strategic initiatives that foster community connection and boost local pride.

So, where does marketing fit into all this? As marketers, our job is to tell stories, create awareness, and drive engagement and placemaking projects of late offer tangible, real-world platforms on which to do just that. By promoting these projects, we’re not just selling a product or service; we’re selling a vision of what our communities could be.

But as with any marketing campaign, it’s crucial to measure the ROI of placemaking initiatives. Are residents more engaged? Is there increased foot traffic in these areas? Are local businesses benefiting? These are the metrics we need to track. And it’s not just about numbers; it’s about stories. Capturing testimonials from community members, sharing before-and-after photos, and documenting the transformation journey can provide invaluable marketing material.

The Accountability Question

One challenge that often comes to my mind is accountability. Who’s responsible for ensuring these projects achieve their goals? While BIDS, regulatory bodies, councils, and trade associations play a pivotal role, marketers too have a part to play. By keeping the conversation alive, seeking feedback, and continuously iterating based on community input, we can ensure these projects truly serve their intended purpose.

The beauty of placemaking lies in collaboration. It’s not just urban planners and architects leading the charge; it’s a collective effort. Local businesses can sponsor events, artists can contribute their talents, and marketers can amplify these efforts, ensuring the whole community is aware and involved.

So let’s remember, placemaking is more than just another buzzword; it’s a movement…!

… as marketers, we have a unique opportunity to champion this movement, using our skills to promote, measure, and refine these projects. In doing so, we’re not only building brands; we’re building communities. And in today’s fragmented world, that’s a mission worth rallying behind.

Still, the question should be asked, what more can be done?

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